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Awfully Good Records

Eric Walden formed Awfully Good Records in 2015 with one thing in mind: the music. His mission was simple; make the world better through music. We create distinguished and game-changing opportunities for bands beginning their professional careers in his hometown of Orange County and beyond.

Eric and the rest of the fiercely loyal, uniquely supportive Awfully Good team are lifelong fans of the music. In a world of low artist payouts and money-hungry labels, we simply can’t relate. We help up-and-coming hard rock, metal, and punk bands because we want to see our music community flourish. Simple as that. Our solution: act as a stepping stone by assisting them in reaching their fans and goals.

We stand by in our mission, methods, and team wholeheartedly. The Awfully Good family knows people do their best work when they are supported at every level. That’s why we offer our artists creative control and complete solutions for every aspect of their developing music career. We cover the business side so artists can focus on what matters most to everyone: the music.



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